Telling stories: Appraisal

It’s National Storytelling Week so one of the writers on my team has challenged us all to write a 100-word story on a subject loosely related to our workplace.  This is my first attempt.



The manager prepared meticulously. Her introductory monologue well-rehearsed, she was sure of saying the same things to everyone.

“We want our appraisals to be as fair as possible.  They are based on ‘competencies’. That means I evaluate objective evidence of your behaviour, rather than forming subjective opinions.”

She researched in advance. It had been dark when she’d pressed the audit partner for views of the in-charge.

“She has…” he turned away, eyes drawn to light outside, “… a beautiful face.” He tasted the words as they formed.

Now, impassive, behind the desk, she began “You have not met expectations.”


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